What we do?

Jamm Expo is experienced and efficient in organizing events, exhibitions and conferences, providing an opportunity for constructive, fruitful and direct dialogue and exchange of ideas between different exhibitors with the aim of developing expertise and exchanging views.

Our services

Jamm Expo have a number of services and events management services that are covering a wide range of offering such as planning of exhibitions, conferences, intellectual or commercial events or even digital marketing services and registration:

Digital Marketing
Jamm Expo uses an entrepreneurial professional marketing and promotional methodology. We build a promotional base targets that multiples categories of the audience through the use of the most successful marketing techniques. We also take advantage of e-marketing methods, such as using social networks to attract the required category in the most accurate way.
Registration services
We manage the registration process with the latest techniques by preparing the registration links and the use of latest devices and systems. We also provide a unique technical registration team composed of technical staff as well as a reception staff for both women and men
Event planning and Management
Jamm Expo focuses on the organization and planning of smart conferences by creating and providing an advanced facilities and procedures pave the way for successful implementation. We create an appropriate environment and conditions as well as aligning media and promotional role that precedes the organization of events.
Design and implementation of expo showrooms and theaters
Jamm Expo is a professional organizer of the launch and inauguration of various events. Providing private spaces, design of theaters and showrooms, organizing and framing procedures, acting as an intermediary to assure a good conduct of exhibitions and conferences, and ensuring a satisfactory success and full effectiveness at all levels

Company profile

Jamm Expo is a creative company with lofty goals.
We derive our strength from hard work based team. We continuously of cooperate and exchange experiences with international and local institutions and authorities.
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About the company

With an ambitious future vision, our aim is to create a quantum leap in the organization of exhibitions, conferences and events, and to implement them with great success. Under the motives and objectives of high-rise seeks form a unique intellectual infrastructure, we carry out awareness campaigns aimed at finding ways and means to communicate with different groups of society, especially young people- the group that is the basis in the construction and prosperity of the developed societies.
Sports events, social events and parties, cultural meetings, artistic creative activities and much more varius services offered by our company, with full exclusivity in both the management and production.
providing comprehensive coverage and professional organization.

About us

Our clients

There is no doubt that many customers are flocking to our services for the high quality we provide, the seriousness of our relationships and our honesty.
we focus on consolidating trust between us and our customers by providing an atmosphere of comfort and reassurance, helping them with the realization of their events. Our clients are among the leading entrepreneurs and businesspeople as well as national and international companies and regulatory bodies

Our specialties

Our company Jamm expo specializes in event planning and management , with the guarantee of workshops, design and implementation of showrooms and theaters in proportion to the required display, with appropriate decoration and lighting.
In order to attract interested customers and participants, our company uses modern and effective techniques for promotion, such as digital marketing, We alsoe provide you with invented registration services.

Event Management
Electronic marketing and sponsorships
Organization of exhibitions and conferences
Registration services