About us

About us

After a long experience of continuous tender, we have become the most famous organizer of exhibitions and events. Not only that, but we have been the leading role in positive transformations in the homeland by directing our activities towards organizing exhibitions and events in the framework of work to reform and raise the youth of the homeland.

“Jamm expo” is a shining star in the skies of excellence, focusing on the young people who represent the heart of the nation and its transformations which are considered the most influential groups to bring fruitful changes. Carrying in their hands the torch and the explosion of energies that bear the duty of development on their own.

Our work principles

The basis of our business is to expand the trust-based relationship with customers and to engage sincerely, based on seriousness and mutual transparency.
We are building bridges of trust that give the customer a sense of comfort and safety
We are a team with explosive energies that carry within it the spirit of renewable creativity and vision that distincts from the others, and we also have a unique demand for creative initiatives and the launch towards the prospects of fruitful service ..
We believe that inertia leads to the stagnation of the human mind and its limited performance. We urgently need to develop skills and add an academic touch on our company

Our mission

We are an active body in the community with a wide customer base that is expanding day after day for quality services and trust.
What prospered our services, is our entrepreneurial spirit, with Jamm Exp adopting creative and distinctive initiatives in various regulatory areas. Through a cadre of specialists in the management and organization of events, conferences and exhibitions, with the aim of seeking to establish trade and industrial relations between us and the rest of the world and work to develop and support to achieve lofty goals.

Our vision

We start from the idea that change starts with young people through the achievement of initiatives that may contribute to the creation of ideas and encourage young visions and subject them to modification and academic additions. We depend on honing young experiences to the benefit of the individual and the nation. We are a full civilized project that invests in the human minds of the youth, with a vision and a bright future.
The organization of exhibitions and conferences is the foundation of this rich vision that may lead us to a bright future with solid infrastructure that will enable us to move forward in the path of development and prosperity.